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Earwaxx Sessions week 14 Channel Zero and Horror Fam

October 29, 2014 Leave a comment
EarWaxx Sessions flyer week 14

Horror – Amityville – Horror

Earwaxx Sessions week 14 Channel Zero and Horror Fam

words by Drew Spence


The energizer showcase keeps showing and we like who shows up


In a previous post [Located here] I went in to detail about why it is important to put rappers over your music- more important than trying to sell a beat to someone you don’t know for chump change. Working on a career starts with working in the field you have an interest in. It’s an old saying (maybe not that old since I stole it from Griffin Avid) that


“Whatever you want to do for money, you will first do for free.”


It’s a simple truth that you cannot claim to do something, and even be good at something you have never done. But that’s what we, as hobbyists, do too often. We say we are producers– yet we haven’t produced anything or anyone. Moving on from semantics and word-definitions we touch the reality of your resume.


Presume to resume from you resume


You can create a nice logo or banner for your website. You can write a nice bio that tells the world how great you are. What counts is what you can do. What you can do is backed up by what you have done. What you have done is what ends up on your resume. Yes, before you get a career, you get the job. Before you get the job, you’ve shown an ability to do the job. That’s your portfolio. That’s your catalog. That’s the show your work part of the answer.


The Waxx Museum to see them


Rapper Dox_Amillion

Dox_Amillion Opens up

Last night was week 14 of the ongoing showcase Earwaxx Sessions. [Read the opening blog post here]. The line up included a hard-rocking metal band called Go Deep and the rap collective Horror Fam as Channel Zero and Swerve Boyz. Horror Fam is a deep roster of artists that center in Amityville New York. I came across them a few years ago by their manager and mentor Bone. They have dropped numerous mixtapes, videos and pretty much rock out as an army.


Young Roc Swerve Boyz


The forming up formula


They also figured it out. – How to crowd the stage with friends and fam, but make it work by everyone knowing the songs and performing as one mass. That energy translates to the crowd and they put on an awesome show. The Earwaxx Sessions continues to be a party that we are all invited to. More than that, they have become a community conscious organization that puts on food drives for the holidays. They have been featured in the paper (Long Island’s Newsday) and the their sponsor list continues to grow week by week. Connect and get involved here.


Connecting the Dots….


So how does this all relate? After their show, while they were making their way through the crowd. One of the artists said ~ You know we did some of them songs at your studio right? Yeah, I was reminded that I have done something– that I am connected to a large body of artists that are putting in work. It’s really all the stuff I’ve done before that makes the doings of tomorrow easier. That why I say Pursue a place and be patient for a paycheck. No one wants to pay for potential or possibilities. The current state of the industry is Risk Management. No development, no investing, no betting or hoping that someone pans out. You need to think the same way and start your journey today. Get involved with your local talent and be a part of what’s happening. For Long Islanders, Earwaxx Sessions is a perfect launch point and networking system. Find your resource and become a resource.


You can catch the vid bits on the Earwaxx Instagram

and some clips @ the DynamicaMusic instgram page


Krudmart Grand Re-Opening with Craig G and Buckshot

September 4, 2014 Leave a comment

Krudmart Grand Re-Opening with Craig G and Buckshot

Flyer for Krudmart Grand ReOpening

Krudmart kicks into action!


Producer’s Edge digital was invited to the Krudmart (@Krudmart) Grand Re-Opening hosted by Buckshot (@Buckshot) with special guest star Craig G (@MC_Craig_G). The Krudmart event took place in the Setauket location in Long Island NY. Craig G, the golden age rap master, with classic records like “Droppin’ Science” and “The Symphony” was there to meet and greet and explain why he’s in full support of an independent footwear movement. Buckshot broke the line down and explained why we need more options for gear-wear and how important expressing your own individuality can be.


            Big Earth, a store owner and independent retailer has made the boutique experience affordable and accessible with a cultural center that doubles as a sneaker store. DJ Cut Supreme (@cutsupreme) was on hand and handy behind the decks keeping the Boom Bap on tap. He was joined later by Craig G’s tour DJ, Callie Ban, who utilized his style of blending the classics with the original records that were sampled.



Big Earth stepped up his hosting game by getting free pizza and drinks and after sundown we went a block down to the Country Bar (ignore the name for now) to see Buckshot and Craig G perform some of their biggest hits. You can imagine what happened when “Who Got Da Props” came on. Craig G went in and covered every inch of the bar with his energetic set and even went freestyle, rhyming about the people at the bar. All in all, it was a solid event and I have Krudmart bookmarked as a place to up your style at. You should bookmark them too.

EarWaxx Sessions Week 4 recap

August 20, 2014 1 comment

EarWaxx Sessions Week 4 recap

                        Going…going…STRONG! And a legend surprises all.

words by Drew Spence

Ear Waxx Sessions Flyer

I would never say that I hate on something, but I am a skeptic. I mean, when news about the EarWaxxSessions first hit my Editor’s desk I said “Every damn week?! These kids crazy. It’s Long Island; you can’t get kids offa that couch and outta that house EVERY week. Nah, son, they need to do this joint monthly.” I was wrong and I can admit it.

Crowd still strong? Yes.

Still enthusiastic? Yes.

Still well-organized and starting on time? Yes.

Tight Acts? Yessir


So, now that I see this engine has got no quits in it, let’s recap, rewind and reflect on week 4 for Long Island’s freshest artist/producer/talent showcase. The night opens with hosts @ChadLaw & @Rah_licious welcoming the crowd at exactly 10pm. [Yep, they be starting on time] After a few barbs and well-deserved attention to the lovely Rah_licious, ChadLaw brought out Fallout Shelter for the opening producer showcase part. Conflict of interest aside (ahem), it was a live hybrid-set of beats, bumpers and skits. The energy of rap arrived right after as Keez, YRA, CASTLE HEAD and the crowd that is Frank Buick by himself, tore up the stage.  Shaun Sutton got the ladies going with some sultry R&B. A.T.E BOYZ and AMA rounded things off before a surprise appearance by rap veteran and Juice Crew member Craig-G dropped his science for a new generation that’s more trappy than backpacky. It was an angry old man showing showmanship and why you still want a few veterans active in every war. Now that they’ve added guest appearances to the mix, there’s no telling what you’ll get next week.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Why should you care?

Every artist and entertainer needs a place to show out and the EarWaxxSessions is providing a dope atmosphere by having a dope crowd assemble to enjoy and support good music. If you was thinking of doing it, get it together and do it there. Finally, we have a growing spot that combines generations, genres and future greats. Make Tuesday more than the day that follows Monday. They have.


Born-on-date a little early? Don’t know as much about hip hop as you should? Read into the history and career of rap veteran Craig G. There’s a lot more than the legendary verse on Marley Marl’s posse cut “The Symphony” and his own rap classic “Dropping Science”. Oh and if you are a fan of those battle rap leagues, this guy was doing it when it was raw.


Sign on, Sign up, Show up and Show out

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The Ear Wax Sessions opens Strong on Strong Island


Talent on display in a new weekly showcase


Artist/Producer Showcase & Open Mic


Ear Wax Session Flyer

Sign Up and Show Out

The Challenge: Bring together a whole host of talented folks, put their gifts on display and watch the networking and sharing begin. Create a music scene on the disconnected island where quality connects can collect.


The Clear Choice: Every Tuesday going forward, you bring yourself down to the Amityville Music Hall. Take part and be a part.


Who’s Doing the Damn Thing?

Alex Yake taps MSFTZ Ent and brings together a huge cast of talent. The event was run by hosts: the engaging frontman @Chad_Law and the sexy and stylish @Rah_Licious. DJ Shuttle kept the tunes on point with a mix of today’s hottest joints and some popular classics. Wristbands were bandied about so all ages were welcome at the watering hole.


So what’s it like inside?

The Amityville Music Center is like a slice of Manhattan. You know what happens when you wander down any side avenue of the culturally rich east side and pop your head in a funky bar. The crowd is mixed in mind, but matched in mutual love for all things musical. You’ll get that here, at the AMC. It’s a long bar with a dance floor and stage. There’s an outdoor patio to cool out, cool off and chop it up with your new friends. There are vendor stations where you could peep some fly dresses for your missus by Claudana Designs. [if you was drooling over hostess Rah_Licious in that white joint, yeah Claudana did that] There were tables with slick tees from Brand Rockstar, Dinner Land and I Seen Thos. There was also a huge table in the back with numerous business cards.



Ear Wax Sessions Flyer Backing

A-List of performers

From freestyle to fashion, the Ear Wax Sessions delivers front and center.

The night started off with the producer showcase as Mike Marshian played his bangas followed by beats_by_lawrence who did a live show, manipulating his music via controller. A few crowd cyphers broke out and yeah, beats is in the building. The performance section started strong with Civil Satellite and ending just as strongly with a set by One Take Carter. Afterwards, the open mic section, where events usually fall off, was thankfully populated with artists worthy of attention. So all in all, it was a great night of music and entertainment. Bookmark your Tuesday nights for the Ear Wax Sessions.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So yeah, as we sit around the campfire and wonder what it would take to change the dire direction of music and return Long Island to a launching point for talent…the Ear Wax Sessions says ‘bring it’. And you should do just that. Bring yourself for the pure enjoyment of talent. Bring yourself to share your work and passion. Bring yourself to perform in front of a supportive crowd. Bring yourself to network and tap into undiscovered resources. Bring yourself to be part of Long Island’s best showcase for talent.


As Local as Local News Gets

What’s the point? Well, this is the kind of event that’s needed locally to connect artists to a supportive network. There are lots of places that do not have an active music scene or any engine in place to develop and push talent. This event and these kinds of showcases are vitally important for the future of our art. Supporting the arts is supporting yourself. Git down, come on down.




Big Fish Audio’s 25 Days of Christmas Sale!

December 1, 2012 Leave a comment
big fish audio logo Christmas sale

big fish audio logo Christmas sale

Announcing the Big Fish Audio 25 Days of Christmas Sale! Starting December 1st on each day before Christmas, Big Fish Audio will have four products priced to spread holiday cheer! Save 40% off four new products every day!

The 25 Days of Christmas Sale includes products from our entire catalog. Look for savings on premium virtual instruments and the freshest loop products on our site. No coupon needed. Each set of four products will be on sale for only 24 hours and then we’ll roll out a new set of specials. So check back often and Happy Holidays!



Cop Shop Interview for 05/19 Saturday Reunion

The Cop Shop has been one of hip hop’s staple in Long Island in the 2000′s. Weekly in store events, autograph signings, you name it, the Cop Shop had it. Sadly in 2009, they closed its doors. Luckily for us, Eddie has decided to throw an event to bring it all back for one night only. I hope all of you can make it because i sure will be there. For more information head over to their Facebook page.

D.A. The Future is Now! Rapper turns front man and wins In the Groove’s Battle of the Bands

December 4, 2011 2 comments

D.A. The Future is Now!

Rapper turns front man and wins In the Groove’s Battle of the Bands.

DA Future and ADD after performance

The band backstage and back walled

We have recently been extolling the virtues of adding live musicians in to your production system. The idea of having live instruments mixed in with your electronic and sampled foundation is nothing new to our music. While most producers are content to have samples replayed, there is a whole ‘nother universe behind working off of a live chemistry. On the Rapper’s side, there is the idea of performing a show to something other than the stale and unchanging dat-tape or worse, performing on top of their own record. As part of this new identity, D.A, The Future,  a young and up-coming rapper, has embraced the idea of adding a full band [A.D.D. = Always Determined & Dedicated] behind his sound. Chapter one begins with winning a Battle of the Bands in Long Island City New York.

D.A. The Future Jams for In The Groove

The Band jams

You knew things would be different once the host did the roll call and asked “Is long Island in the house?” and the place roared. The performance was tight and solid. To be honest, it might have been over once D.A. hit the stage. He came to win. The band played to win and so they did. It was a four song set, including “It’s all so Clear” and “I’m addicted to You”. DJ Shuttle worked the wheels and did the hype-man honors while interacting with D.A. The crowd participation was brand new and fresh – it was actually very …Churchy. Yeah, there was a lot of stomping of the feet and hand waving- all while rocking.

D.A. The Future performs at a Battle of the Bands in Long Island City New York

In the Groove meets the Future

Judges panel at In The Groove Battle of the Bands

Jordan, Jamiee and Jake "I hold the microphone like a judge"

Ali from Scarlet Fade hosts the Battle

Ali moves the crowd and moves things along

The host and judges for the night have a band of their own (Scarlet Fade) and are all related- yeah, some kind of 2012 Partridge Family. Ali, the host, kept it moving between sets and Jordan, Jaimee and Jake struck the perfect balance between showing natural emotions and critiquing the performances. They offered helpful comments to the bands and left each group feeling like they won for simply being there. The judges took note of DAs’ commanding presence, the power of Shea’s voice (they all mentioned her standout talent) and the killer violinist [Classique]. They never saw anyone play the violin and jam-on-it like an electric guitar.

Afterward it was something to eat next to the 5 Points and we took time to honor the legend. Kings from Queens indeed. Congratulations to D.A. The Future and everyone that helped make this win possible. The event was sponsored by Local recording studio Tonic Couture, the musician’s one stop shop Sam Ash and New England’s School of Groove.

Jam Master Jay Graf in the 5 Points

Legendary DJ Jam master Jay is immortalized

Afterwards Words

While I was there, I connected with another band called Johnny Hirsch. They play all over the city and sound like a mix between Steely Dan and Jamiroquai.

Johnny Hirsch band

Johnny Hirsch bands together

As we got to talking, they asked me “What do you play?” and I said “Um..everything. I’m more of a producer who…” and it dawned on me- about how much we really are a one-man-band. Now of course, I’ve been around for a minute and play a bunch of instruments (horribly), so I’m NOT suggesting you go out and take lessons for four different instruments, but I am saying respect their nature enough to study the musical context and consider the idea of bringing in a true player instead of noodling around on your keyboard for every instrument. I think D.A. is forever changed by the experience of performing in front of a band and I think every producer will be changed for the better when you unlock your own musicianship by influencing and being influenced by actual players.

There is a great article by Phil Clendennin in Producer’s Edge [Issue 04 Teddy Riley Page 32] that touches on voicing traditional instruments in our workstation keyboards. It’s really a great read. Here’s my parting shot: Next time you’re in the studio creating a joint, try turning your room into a stage and see what happens. Stay Productive.

Drew Spence Producer’s Edge Magazine

Hip Hop Composer – Music Producer Contest

October 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Hip Hop Composer – Music Producer Contest

HHC Music Producer Contest Banner

HHC Music Producer Contest

Pretty much everyone that enters gets something. This is a brand new company offering sounds for your beat making pleasure.

They even have FREE refills on their site that you can get access to with just one Tweet.

Let’s gets those beast workin



September 8, 2010 Leave a comment


September 25 at 11:30pm – September 26 at 4:00am
Captain Lou VII Yacht Sailing from The Famous Nautical Mile
28 Woodcleft Ave.
Freeport, NY
BPM Ent. Launch Party aboard the Capt. Lou VII Yacht
Yours truly, BPM ENT IN ASSOCIATION WITH PRODUCERS EDGE MAGAZINE LAUNCH PARTY aboard the Capt. Lou VII Yacht sailing from The Famous NAUTICAL MILE in Freeport, NY

Ticket info & Pricing: *(Scroll down for full details and contact info)
…You must reserve your tickets now in order to get on the Yacht. Tickets are extremely limited so please book your ticket immediately. You must have a pre-paid ticket to get on the yacht. Every ticket includes general admission with full access to the Yacht, WHERE YOU WILL HEAR THE BEST OF OLD SCHOOL R&B, SOUL, FUNK, HIP HOP & REGGAE on the upper deck, an open dinner buffet & an All CASH BAR with unbelievable prices. $3 beer or wine and $5 top shelf mixed drinks or shots all night long for only $40 per ticket! Please reserve your pre-paid ticket ASAP. Tickets are selling extremely fast. In order to reserve your ticket please call, text, email or Paypal DJ Phiness or DJ Lenny Ace immediately. Once again tickets are extremely limited, so please reserve your seats immediately.
(When contacting us please leave your full name and your guest(s) name(s), telephone number(s), email address(es) and how many tickets you will need.)

Ticket Price: $40 (includes admission on Yacht and dinner)

Full Yacht Party Details:
Come aboard the Capt. Lou VII Yacht for an amazing cruise underneath the stars. Enjoy a symphony of Classic and New R&B, Soul, Funk, Slow Jams, Hip Hop & Reggae Music from Long Island’s best LINE UP DJ LENNY ACE(The Return Of Larry Levan),DJ DIAMOND(WORLDCAST RADIO)DJ LYVE(BETs 106 n Park) & DJ PHINESS. Indulge in our delicious dinner buffet. Throw back a tasty drink served by Barbara or Devonne at the Cash bar. Enjoy the ambiance and luxury of being on a gorgeous Yacht traveling along Long Island’s spectacular sheltered waters of the South Shore. This is going to be one event you definitely do not want to miss!

The Yacht will set sail on Saturday, September 25, 2010 and return to dock early Sunday, September 26, 2010.
Boards: 11:30pm
Leaves: 12:00am
Returns: 4:00am

*To reserve tickets please email, text, call or Paypal any of the below contacts listed. Please book your tickets ASAP. The Yacht is filling up very quickly and tickets are extremely limited. You will not want to miss this party!

Contact info:
DJ Phiness AKA Jonathan Sinkiwskij
(516)369-8431 {Paypal accepted at this number} {Paypal accepted at this email as well}

DJ Lenny Ace

Dress Code and preparation details:
-There is no specific dress code but please dress neat and clean. Remember, you will be on a luxurious Yacht so we encourage you to dress to impress.
-You must be 21 years of age to board the vessel.
-You must have valid picture I.D.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email, text or call us.

Southern State Parkway to Meadowbrook Parkway South (Exit 22S Jones Beach). Go 2 miles to Merrick Road West (Exit M 9 W). Go 1 mile to S. Ocean Avenue make LEFT. Go 1 mile to Front St. make LEFT. Make first RIGHT onto Woodcleft Ave. and look for Capt. Lou Fleet on left.

From NYC: LI Expressway (I495) to Northern State Parkway East to Meadowbrook Parkway South. (then follow directions above)

Train from NYC: Take LIRR from Penn Station to Freeport train station. (Babylon train line) Take a cab from train station to Capt. Lou Fleet (Address and directions above). It is about a 5 minute cab ride fromt the train station.

New York Event: Klasik Archives Show August 15, 2010

On August 15, 2010, we will gather together talented up and coming artists to work along side some of the best well established style originators.  Hip-Hop acts that range from today’s independent artists, well recognized 90′s acts, pioneers from the 80′s, R&B artists, rock, funk and experimental groups will all represent.  There will be a dozen DJ’s working their magic, taking you on a journey on 3 stages.  We’ll feature a 3 on 3 B-boy battle between two of the best break crews I’ve ever seen.  On top of all that, we’ll have 30 aerosol artists (some of NY’s finest from 70′s subway system fame.) from all 5 boroughs, Long Island, New Jersey, Kansas, etc. painting murals live on 2500 square feet of wall space.

An event like this is a first on Long Island so come and show your support, unity, positive vibes and energy to make this a platform to bring our artist community to the next level.  Thank you in advance and see you all there.

Peace & Respect,
Dirty Politics & Rhythmvision

The Nutty Irishman of Bayshore

60 E Main Street


Sunday August 15th 11am -11pm

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