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Putting Rappers over your beats and WHY it’s the smartest thing you can do.

Putting rappers over you beats in an attempt to PROMOTE your services and abilities.

Credit: Glenn Baeske / The Huntsville Times

Credit: Glenn Baeske / The Huntsville Times

My basic idea has only upsides. There was a question as to the SKILL LEVEL of the rapper you’d work with.

We will start there first.
1. IF THE RAPPER SUCKS: The next rapper won’t be intimidated by hearing an artist better than he is over your beats. “Oh he won’t work with me because he already has a nice rapper in his camp”
If the new rapper thinks he’s better, he sees a spot in your camp as the best rapper and you are actually MORE likely to focus on him. The mind of a rapper is an interesting thing.

2. IF THE RAPPER IS ILL: Remember YOU ARE SELLING BEATS, the point of entry is NOT SKILL it’s buying your music/service. HOT rappers over your music shows VALUE. THEY obviously see that your music is worth using. What’s the scrubs problem?

3. When “Producers” give away their music for FREE they imagine sending an MP3 through gmail and saying goodbye. The reality for the thinking is that you are making SONGS for free. Songs have a different value than beatz. You can shop songs with a crappy rapper to the highest ends of the industry. Do you know what they say? “You have some great music, but you need a better rapper. We have this guy we signed that needs music. You should work with him.” You are in. If you are tied to just one rapper then yeah, maybe you can’t leave the side of your little cuzzo no matter what. If the artists are simply people you’ve worked with, then you can always add [one] more to your roster and dump ones off that aren’t progressing.

4. Protection. Worried about tags, stolen beatz, lost ideas…etc…Finish the song. Put it out there. Make it available for sale. Promote it. Make it real.
Better that someone bends themselves to copy your song that’s out than snatch an idea off some obscure beat-profile website. Your Record is a record. IF, by some fate, a huge artist copied your song and made a hit, you’d be better off sending everyone to iTunes as evidence instead of making a beat-making video showing you manipulating a sample as proof. Aside from that, lots of producers have used the same sample before -without knowingly trying to copy.

5. You get to tell a story. A song has a bigger story than the beat does. You can make a music video for the song, a video for the studio session and even another video of your production(s). 3 videos for 1 song. Pictures from the studio…artist shots during recording etc…you can blog a story. You can tumblr and instagram the images. Take a nice picture of an artist at your studio and give it to them. See what happens.

6. You can build a network between you an all the artists you have contact with and build an engine. Make a sick track- don’t UPLOAD IT. Send it to your list of rappers/artists to see who wants to do what with it. The most serious person gets first dibs. Or to be fair, upload several and send an announcement that your next volume is live. You can do interesting things like put several beats together into a mixcloud playlist.

7. Focus on the YOU and not the BEATZ. Make yourself worth working with. You can outshine and outdo beatsmiths with better music if artists feel like they will get further with you. Shopping music is one. Better exposure- rappers seeing YOUR ARTISTS doing things. Knowing that if they use your music- you’ll put it out on a mixtape/as a record.

8. Choose to work with artists that have something to offer you besides some pennies. If you see a rapper or camp making moves- they get more work. Are they making videos? That’s huge. Now, you upload their videos to show off your productions. That blog story now includes behind the scenes at the video shoot, interviews with the director- artists and damn near everyone involved.

9. All this meat is used to establish yourself. Networking forms the arms of the octopus that reach out and bring food back to the mouth. A simple website selling beats isn’t moving. You are sitting still waiting to be discovered. Be moving and you can go out and find food. Your arms seek out other opportunities and spread your name.

10. Why be a Producer in the FUTURE when you can start producing now?

– Griffin Avid

What do you think about this? Let us know below.

  1. Anonymous
    December 4, 2013 at 5:36 am

    Good shit!!

  2. pedro
    September 28, 2012 at 10:00 am

    Well said…

  1. February 26, 2014 at 11:29 pm

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