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New York Event: Klasik Archives Show August 15, 2010

On August 15, 2010, we will gather together talented up and coming artists to work along side some of the best well established style originators.  Hip-Hop acts that range from today’s independent artists, well recognized 90′s acts, pioneers from the 80′s, R&B artists, rock, funk and experimental groups will all represent.  There will be a dozen DJ’s working their magic, taking you on a journey on 3 stages.  We’ll feature a 3 on 3 B-boy battle between two of the best break crews I’ve ever seen.  On top of all that, we’ll have 30 aerosol artists (some of NY’s finest from 70′s subway system fame.) from all 5 boroughs, Long Island, New Jersey, Kansas, etc. painting murals live on 2500 square feet of wall space.

An event like this is a first on Long Island so come and show your support, unity, positive vibes and energy to make this a platform to bring our artist community to the next level.  Thank you in advance and see you all there.

Peace & Respect,
Dirty Politics & Rhythmvision

The Nutty Irishman of Bayshore

60 E Main Street


Sunday August 15th 11am -11pm

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