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Thanks for giving your time to others

Thanks for giving…your time to others

Producer’s Edge Digital Magazine Thanksgiving 2010

I was halfway through a message about being thankful and suggesting that we all take a pause to be grateful for what we have and then it dawned on me- being thankful isn’t enough. We should DO SOMETHING so that someone else is thankful they are working with us! In other words, put in that extra measure of effort to really shine on a job or task. If you feel your output is always at 100% then maybe it’s about adding an extra point of value or even a discount for your services or goods. If you have the knowledge, then share it. Answer that tech question or point a fellow artist/producer in the direction of useful resources. Let’s all take the time to consider selfless acts of kindness in the weeks ahead.

Stay safe and productive.

-Drew Spence

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Enjoy the Holidays

The staff at Producer’s Edge Digital Magazine


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