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I want to know from you all why some people never truly become successful?

October 8, 2012 1 comment

Forum hound Griffin Avid adds his 2 cents to a  question. (more like a whole nickel)

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Is your life nothing more than the climb?

I want to know from you all why some people never truly become successful?

I can’t speak for people who have never had their turn. Your (missed) turn is when the door is opened and you can’t/won’t/didn’t go through it.
Why some people don’t get or haven’t had their turn? I have no idea. I’m sure many have but didn’t realize it.

But I do understand the FACTS of BLOWN OPPORTUNITIES.
Some I have seen, some I have lived.

1. Refusing to let go of one rung to grab another on the ladder.
People get comfortable being where they are at. Being the big fish in a small pond. It’s like spending the rest of your mental life in 12th grade cause you were the man in high school. There’s an absolute FEAR of starting over and not knowing the answers. If you expect to achieve anything of significance, accept the feeling of being uncomfortable and doing stuff you’ve never done before. It’s part of growing.

2. Refusing to relinquish TOTAL CONTROL.
Accomplishing larger goals requires more people and resources. Basically, it’s a team effort even if ONE PERSON claims all the credit at the end. To get HELP, sometimes you have to let the person helping YOU do their job THEIR WAY. Crazy as it sounds even if you think you MIGHT do their job as good or better- it can be the best plan to let someone helping you- help you. You can always suggest, point out, advise etc, but when EVERYTHING IS YOUR WAY OR NO WAY…you find yourself being limited to what one person can do and that person is you.

3. Making Business decision based on personal feelings.
Your EGO needs to come out of the equation as soon as possible. 1 & 2 are related to this. Which word is more powerful and meaningful? Better or Best?
Which word is more related to your ego? Best?
Actually BETTER is. There is nothing wrong with thinking you are the best at something. The problem creeps is when you think you are BETTER THAN SOMEONE because of it.
Thinking you’re the best is about how you treat yourself.
Thinking you’re better is about how you treat others. When you think you are above people, you take any resistance to your goals and dreams very personally. You hold grudges and can’t let things go. Business is about compromise and finding common ground. Working together. I’m not saying never get angry, but get angry over things worth getting upset over. time and time again I’ve seen important business get sidetracked because someone was offended or their feelings got hurt. Works great when you’re the boss. Not so good when you’re the guy looking for a job.

4. Simply not ready.
Most people walk around ready to knock, but they have no idea about what to do if the door was actually opened.
That’s why I keep saying produce Something…anything anyone…do least once….
I can’t imagine spending months/YEARS making beats and hoping to SELL ONE (or some) and NEVER doing anything more with my beats than trying to sell them.
Most figure they will learn all that producer stuff when they finally sell a track to somebody important. I don’t know any other endeavor where the first time you do it- it’s for the championship.

5. No research. Bad research.
No research is using your imagination. Bad research is using stories about people you don’t know as a guide. That includes celebrities and generally all fantasy-media-based information. (music videos, song lyrics etc..)
“So and so did this so I’ma do that too. Well this is how so and so started so I’m going to do the same thing.” One, you don’t know ALL that they did and two, you aint them. Three, this aint that same time or era. EVERYONE is doing that now- it won’t have the same effect.

6. Basing their chances of success on factors that have NOTHING to do with success.
1. Being original. There’s probably a logical reason why no one you know has done that. ‘no one you know’ doesn’t meant no one has done it, it means no one has had had enough success doing that to reach even your own radar.
2. Wanting it [really, really, really, reaaallllyyyy bad]. EVERYONE wants to arrive, very few want to make the journey.
3. Talent. Once you find one person more successful than you with LESS TALENT, it becomes a fact that success is not talent based. Although you will NEVER convince an artist of this.
4. Doing it a long time. Putting in work. Paying your dues. None of this relates to success. Success is being the right person at the right time and doing the right thing. If it takes you ten years to become the right person- that’s not a law of success it’s the law of your personality and work ethic. The right time is always as soon as possible. And doing the right thing means you know enough about what you want and how to get it to understand how to operate in that world. Enough of these already…

7. Creating intermediate goals [that are sometimes even harder]
I want to be an actor, so I’m going to be a rapper first and then cross over cause it’s easier to break in that way. Right. Conquering TWO fields is easier than one.
I’m going to be an HUGE ARTIST and then become a business owner. So you’re going to get rich first and then learn about business to… get ….rich….

8. The BIG ONE. Writing your own history BEFORE YOU LIVE IT.
“I’m going to do this and then this and then this is going to happen.” Two very bad things happen when you think like this.
1. You exclude all other possible outcomes because you did not envision them. This is like when someone says “I’ll be ready by next year” That guarantees they won’t be ready till next year. Or ignoring, blocking [sabotaging] OTHER points of success because it’s not the one you were directly going after. “Nah I would, but I’m trying to be [insert plan A] right now” Even deciding an order. I’mma do this THEN this and later on that” Can’t do that FINAL THING yet- even if a door opens.

2. You don’t look at what you’ve done as a success because it’s not what you were gunning for originally/ultimately.
The previous host of The game show Family Feud (Roy Combs) killed himself because he didn’t become a big time comedienne. Steve Harvey (hugely successful comedienne) and Drew Carey (The Price is Right) are both extremely well known and successful and they enjoy being game show hosts. The world counts what you’ve done. You count what you have yet to do. This also includes self-imposed time limits. If I don’t by….

I know a lot of people that are haunted and depressed because they are chasing the success they don’t have instead of enjoying the success they do have.

– Wise words from Griffie.

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