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New web series Mark of the Griffin 1st Trailer and Episode -1 is here

Mark of the Griffin new web series

Angel of Mercy and Daemon of Vengeance.

Readers, Edgers, Greys and Markers;

Mark of the Griffin season 01 trailer 1

As we speed towards the next issues of Producer’s Edge and Rapper’s Delite magazine, I’ve created a new action-based web series called Mark of the Griffin. Yes, Griffin Avid was delighted about the name.

I play Marcus Griffin, a would be vigilante who gives up on his dreams of making a difference until he is recruited by a shadowy organization called the AGENCI. This is the season 1 trailer and a -1 episode drops this Friday soon to be followed by episode 0.

There is a graphic novel and soundtrack for every video. Music is supplied by EDM artist Domino Grey, Dynamics Plus and the rest of Fallout Shelter.

Episode -1: Failure of an Angry Man with a Gun

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Drew Spence EIC
Producer’s Edge Magazine

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