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More on WHY that Rapper aint BUY yo Beatz

Rappers is cheap!
Rappers is broke!

Rappers is lazy!

Rappers are just as smart as you are.

Mock ad created by Griffin Avid for a Producer

Last time I touched on this, I was speaking on selling yourself (or a service) and not just simply beatz.

This response was triggered by another forum thread and well, the idea of Who Serious keeps kicking about and so….

A hustler’s quote to begin:

“The price difference didn’t make them buy it, but the way I presented it did. Basically I made it sound like: if you dont have this, you aint shit. You gotta **** with their mind and get them thinking. Make that rapper think that if he dont buy that beat for himself, someone else will and blow up because of it. Learn to hustle!”

It’s been said already said that the best angle is to sell YOURSELF and not the product.

Good advice, but for a different thread. This one is more of the internet hustle where you aint there to excitedly say:

“Yo, yo hear that tight thur?”

“Aw man, listen to dose drums bang mane!”

“You spit over this, it’s a wraaaaaap!”

I don’t know I find the concept behind all of this so simple, but I don’t know. I want to say “The bottom line is…” but there seem to be so many base ideas about this. Here’s some more.

1) Stop saying the rapper isn’t “serious” or “as serious” as …anything else….serious as who? You?

He aint selling raps and you aint selling beats- so I guess it don’t matter Why So Serious. Being serious in your own mind don’t mean a thing. NOT wanting to buy beats doesn’t mean the rapper doesn’t “seriously” want to sell his raps.

2) You say ‘buying your beats’ is an investment in his career. It’s not and more importantly rappers want a flip and not an investment. If you could spend $100 bucks and were GUARANTEED to make $300 back in 1 hour, EVERYONE WOULD DO IT. If you were guaranteed to make it back 3 weeks later…you’d pause and think first…If it were 3 Months later, some wouldn’t do it. If it were 3 years later most wouldn’t do it.

It wouldn’t seem like ENOUGH of a RETURN for the wait.

Now add in the fact that a return on their money isn’t guaranteed and you have a risk factor.

How many would take that 3 week or 3 month ‘gamble’ now.

That explains why no one is in a rush to buy beats early on.

Beatmakers follow the same path. Do you ever see the advice dispensed to new cats interested in starting to make beats – ‘just get some free stuff and find out of this is for you. Don’t spend any money until you know this is for you’ etc….Oh, Rappers think the same way. Usually until they have a budget, which followed a deal, which is way past cruising the internet for beetz.

3) A career?

A career is when the rapper is living off of their records….

A career is when a beatmaker (impossible probably) or a producer (somewhat rare) is living off their sales. NOT Extra Activities but the actual SALES.

Don’t talk smack about his non-career till you have one.

You both in the same place, but you feel superior because you serious.

4) IF he thought he could make easy money money with your beats, he’d buy them. (usually that’s tied to name recognition). And when you feel like you could money with his raps, you buy them. “Buying features, collabos or buying 16s directly” for your project. That’s a simple truth.

5) IF you thought the combination of his raps and your beats COULD MAKE FLIP MONEY, you’d be making records with him for free. But you don’t. You don’t believe it in your heart. You talk big, but deep down, you know your music is just as hot or cold as everyone else. Name the last rapper you tried to sell a beat to that “Had it”….I don’t mean submitted for a placement with someone established either. I meant you said this beat cost XYZ and after you by it, I’ll probably never hear from you again.

Now, when it does get serious- even named producers have to pitch tracks for placements.

Yeah, the hustle never stops- it just gets deeper.

And you know what? They don’t like that either.

And so, they tend to spearhead projects of their own where they control the music.

Or they turn into the artist themselves for greater control.

So why wait to learn that lesson?

Take the reins now.

If your music is really an investment, shouldn’t that investment be making you richer over time?

Meh, who can wait that long? Their thoughts exactly.

Investments happen over time.

Flips are quick.

Echo for sharing.

– Drew Spence;  Editor in Chief Producer’s Edge Magazine,  Senior Editor Rapper’s Delite Magazine


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  1. March 22, 2012 at 9:34 am

    Rappers are always looking for the next FREE thing. That’s why 99.9% of them will NEVER make it.

  1. October 9, 2011 at 3:01 pm

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