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Producer’s Edge Magazine Archives FREE reading

We have re-loaded our archived issues for free reading- even issue 01 Heatmakerz and issue 02 David Banner/Mr Collipark.


If you want the full back story, read on.

We ran into a pretty big hurdle in 2010, where our digital publisher lost all of our archived content. When you combine that with 2 hard drive failures (yes the main and the back up) we were in a very bad position. The server was supposed to be the backup— ouch! We were faced with some very hard decisions; start over from scratch or pay an incredible amount to retrieve our final editions from the damaged drives. You can already imagine the costs involved [yes, they do charge by the megabyte- GA]. We went with drive two that had only sector damage, unlike the second drive which didn’t even spin when powered up.

After a ton of effort and expense we were able to recreate our previous issues- with the help from some of our proof readers and advertisers who had pre-release copies of some content.

And so read on and thank you for supporting Producer’s Edge Magazine

-Drew Spence, Editor in Chief Producer’s Edge Digital Magazine

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