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Producer Fears

Was on a music forum and reading one of Griffin’s posts. I like it so here it is….chime on in or hit us.

Scared to see yourself...

This is what we are afraid of

1) I fear that I will ‘lose it’ and be unable to produce music I like. I tend to deal with this by trying to make music I like and not just music to be liked.

2) I fear that I will become delusional and begin to live in my own head and really think I’m talented, accomplished or special with nothing to show for it in the real world. In other words, what I say about myself becomes realer to me than what others say about me.

3) I fear I will develop selective hearing. Someone will say “Your beats are hot, but you need to do XYZ to get it poppin” And all I will hear is “Your beats are hot”

4) I fear I will be content to be a big fish in a goldfish bowl- never mind the pond or the ocean. Sometimes imaginary places (many of them are found on the internet) become more important than the reality I live day to day.

5) I fear I will trust my imagination over having the experience myself or listening to someone that has had the experience before me.

6) I fear that I will think the trip is impossible or too hard and give just before the last bend and finish line.

7) I fear that I’ll be afraid of change and find myself doing the same thing year after year after year.

8 )   I fear that my music will actually NOT improve and I will only think it has because I’ve added the latest trend in music production.

9) I fear that I will sacrifice too many things for the sake of music, when music is supposed to bring me the very things I tend to sacrifice.

10) I fear that thinking about something (dreaming) will take the place of actually pursuing it or doing it.

11) I fear that I will become a fan of something and not know it. I will act like a fan, but think in my mind I’m actually participating or involved in the same field I’m following.

12) I fear that I will believe the one thing that I want most in this world can be given to me by someone else.

13) I fear that I will use the excuse of ‘how the world works’ to dismiss or feel better about my own failures.

14) I fear that I will choose those around me for what they can do as opposed to what WE have done.

15) I fear I will become a person tomorrow that I wouldn’t have liked yesterday.

16) I fear being a person that lives in the past. Meaning I’ve given up on the future and consider my best days behind me.

17) I fear being the person that knows everything and does nothing.

18) I fear that I won’t figure it all out till after the fact. Just when I figured out high school, I graduated. When I figured out college I was already worried about ‘the real world’. Just when I figured out women, I fell into my first serious relationship. I think I’ll figure out the key to life when I’m 65 and retired. And probably figure out the meaning of life on my deathbed.

19) I fear that I’ll be judged by all the good I didn’t do as opposed to whatever bad I did.

20) I fear that someday I’ll know different and all the stuff that floats around in my head surrounding music is wrong. Or that I had the answer all along and just didn’t know it.


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  1. August 26, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    Wow man… this is real deep. I think that the real truth here is that these are fears for not just you but alot of producers. These are all fears that I have either had before in my life or still continue to have. #1 and #6 are ones I continue to have.

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