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Producer’s Edge Digital magazine returns in second quarter!

Producer’s Edge Digital magazine returns in second quarter!

The Top Journal for Music Production

Rebuilding and Upgrading. Those are the two words in effect right now. Switching engines isn’t going to be as easy as we thought so we are going to have some downtime. We spent most of 2010 working on a new medium to present Producer’s Edge in and we also have a sister publication coming. It’s a very exciting time for us and we’re very thankful for your support and patience.

Here’s my FAQ:

1) Where ya been?

Rebuilding the brand and putting work in behind the scenes. We grew a little faster than expected and started letting some of the Edge lose its sharpness. We went on hiatus to work on a new property (actually two) and the staff was allowed to finish all side projects.

2) What are you doing next?

Launching a sister publication and at least one new- very special project. I obviously can’t say more about it at this time. You can remember too, Producer’s Edge was being made years before anyone spoke on it. We know what we’re doing.

3) What stays the same?

Our commitment to music production. It’s now going to mean more opportunities for our readers and business partners. I love beats, I really do, but there’s much more to this than music on a hard drive.

4) What about your XC Subscribers?

We are going to keep the subscriptions live. You will still receive your packages of sounds, samples and software and also any important correspondence and information. A huge part of our planning involved increasing the value of your investment.

5) So when can I expect to see my interview/review/feature?

The Producer’s Edge blog will begin to feature new write ups as we focus on getting your information out there sooner. The Digital magazine is still the flagship, but you don’t send the carrier out without support ships. Prepare for March Madness!

Thanks for all your support

Drew Spence, Editor in Chief Producer’s Edge Magazine.

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