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Blu Warta: The Legend in the Making Who Left Too Soon

Blu Warta: The Legend in the Making Who Left Too Soon

The anniversary of his passing was only a few days ago.

The Sun Rose on 05/08/1974 and Set on 01/27/2005 for Dion Blue, known to many as Blu Warta -and if you followed Hip Hop intensely you’d call him N-Tense and remember rocking to his record “Raise the Levels of the Boom”.  We first crossed paths on the M-Train; a college radio show I hosted with Dawn Cee and DJ Makin Noize at Adelphi 90.1. It was one of the first times I played back an interview the next day for pure listening enjoyment. His crew, the Invisible Men (INV), killed their appearance and freestyle session.

There was something different about him. It was more than the “I already been on wax” polish. He had something, something special. I was listening to a real rapper. You know when someone can convince you of something by simply saying it’s true? He had that gift. He was a great communicator that could geek-out and talk Transformers one minute and explain why a hustlers hand-to-hand kept him on the street-level the next. He could make a Conspiracy Theory sound logical while formulating a game plan to turn idle dreams into reality.

He was a man of Firsts. He tapped commercial licensing early by having his songs featured in video games [Midnight Club II]. He was ahead of his time when he meshed his New York State of Mind with Southern Swag by embracing and working with Juvenile and his camp. The fact that many of his ideas have been used by other rappers to great success illustrates his forward thinking.

I had the pleasure of recording a few songs with Warta. Oh, he was also the first to bring an ‘R&B chick’ to the studio – back when singing hooks were very rarely used. I keep his memorial t-shirt hanging up on my bedroom wall as a reminder that no matter how special we may be, we are never guaranteed a tomorrow so do it today. Even as his health was failing he continued to record and many say his passion for music is the only thing that sustained him for so long.

It is sadly ironic that in the end, his spirit was too strong for his heart because I doubt there will ever be such a perfect combination of talent, determination and heart.

Blue Warta For-eva.

Hear his track from Midnight Club II


Watch his video of  “Raise the levels of the Boom”

Watch a video dedicated to his Legacy

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