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Happy Holidays from Producer’s Edge Magazine

Happy Holidays from Producer’s Edge Magazine

I hope with all the running around and gift shopping, you didn’t forget to treat yourself to something nice. You should have your own list of ‘who’s been naughty and nice’. Take a look back at the year and really look at the people and resources that helped you advance. A number of companies have worked hard all year long to bring you the necessary tools to turn your vision into a sonic reality. Support them. Thank them through the honest support of their products and become an active member in their communities.

And so, for this holiday season and deep into next year, think about the people that turned your room into a studio, your lap top into work station and your keyboard into a….keyboard. If you can’t always spend, than spread the word about what works and what doesn’t in your production kit list. Part of the appreciation bends towards learning your tools. The elves up at the North Pole know what they’re doing and so should you. Give the gift of knowledge…to yourself by sitting down and mastering one of your main weapons. When you’re done, write that post, make a YouTube video and share a tip or tick.

And if you really catch the spirit, support the hard people that make the stuff that helps us make stuff. Happy Holidays from the Staff of Producer’s Edge Digital Magazine.

-Drew Spence Editor in Chief PE Mag  http://www.producersedgemagazine.com/

This holiday message is sponsored by Big Fish Audio.

Here is a free sampler of the Big Fish Audio release “Slammin Hip Hop Urban Pop”

Learn more about this product here:


[Looks like Scott Storch and Vanilla Ice had a kid. I think he looks festive enough. The loops are real cool too so I think this one would be a perfect fit for Christmas. – Xodus Phoenix]

[I didn’t know Sprite had a step team – Sean Derek]

The FREE SAMPLER is here:



-Griffin Avid

  1. William
    December 24, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    Thanks for the freebee. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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