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New Products from StudioAVX.com

We’ve been busy in the sound lab cooking up some of the hottest sounds for your productions. What are you waiting for? Dig in!

Mock artwork for new releases

StudioAVX.com Better Sounds for Beats

microSAMPLES Volume III: Super Kicks + More Sound Designer, Samplist and Sound Collector, Griffin Avid stuffs the KORG microSAMPLER with four full banks of drum hits that slant toward the kickier side of Electro + Urban Combat. It’s an electric dance of heavy sonics from deep within the Fallout Shelter Library. $19.95

microSAMPLES Volume IV: Metal of Honor Sound Designer and Samplist Griffin Avid digs into the Fallout Shelter production palette to bring you new sounds for your next masterpiece.
This package includes 3 Soundbanks of Killer Drum kits plus a total of 50 loops of drums with music, riffs and Synths to create more open musical elements. (BPMs included) First you build your track using the drum kits and then load the loops to chop flip or lay on top to really finish the combination. $19.95

STAR WARPS Dark Forces: We’ve peeled back the lid on the silver can to bring you Over 200 patterns of beats for your Kaossilating Pleasure. Give in to the Darth side and load these force powers into your chest plate. Still have more doubts than Officer Motti? Read on.

These loops are presented in standard wave format (16bit 44100); perfect for any DAW or sequencer, drum machine or groovebox. Use the Kaossilator series soft editor to import these files into an empty Loop Recorder Bank and jam away. BPMs are listed in the loop name ONLY as a reference to the original tempo. $19.95

Glitter Globe: This package contains 65 Loops of Electronic Dance Music in Wave (16bit, 4100 KHz) and REX 2 format.
Tempos are mostly 120, 127 and 130 bpms. These are not drum kits or an entire song broken into instrumental parts. These are full drum track loops with some loops having supportive bass elements meant to be the foundation of your live performance or next big record. $9.95

Visit http://www.StudioAVX.com to check out these exciting titles!

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any future product requests!

These are your sounds, own them!

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