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STAR WARPS: Dark Forces 200 Loops of Sinister Grooves

Artwork for Dark Forces

STAR WARPS: Dark Forces $19.95

We’ve peeled back the lid on the silver can to bring you Over 200 grooves for your Sampler/DAW/Groovebox/Kaossilating Pleasure. Give in to the Darth Side and load these force powers into your chest plate. Still have more doubts than Officer Motti? Read on.

These loops are presented in standard Wave format (16bit 44100); perfect for any DAW or sequencer, drum machine or groovebox. Use the Kaossilator series soft editor to import these files into an empty Loop Recorder Bank and jam away. BPMs are listed in the loop name ONLY as a reference to the original tempo.

Need inspiring pieces to play over? Look no further. This collection is sure to push you into new creative realms and unlock the potential of the Kaossilator as a living instrument.

The library is broken down into five sub-categories for simplistic browsing:

Abstracts 45 loops

Electronic 74 loops

Hip Square 36 loops

Laid back Grooves 47 loops
Space Sparse 32 loops

Don’t be an Admiral Ozzel!

Use these loops as the backing tracks for your main groove.

Drop them live as bridges and break downs.

Load them into your main tool of choice for chopping, twisting and straight flipping fantasies.

Use the Kaossilator Pad to force-choke the hell out of these loops!

Click here for more product information and audio samples

You can find more heavy sounds at the home of Griffin Avid at www.StudioAVX.com and don’t forget to read the Griffin Avid’s Corner in every issue of Producer’s Edge Digital Magazine. www.ProducersEdgeMagazine.com

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