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microSAMPLES Vol III: Super Kicks + More

artwork for KORG microSAMPLES Volume III: Super Kicks + More

Studio AVX Better Sounds for Beats!

MicroSAMPLEs Volume III: Super Kicks + MoreSound Designer, Samplist and Sound Collector, Griffin Avid stuffs the KORG microSAMPLER with four full banks of drum hits that slant toward the kickier side of Electro + Urban Combat. It’s an electric dance of heavy sonics from deep within the Fallout Shelter Library.

These are presented in both microSAMPLER soundbank format and WAVE format (16-bit 44100 Hz). Approximately 36 sounds per bank. Package contains ~145 Elements.* Additional sounds can be found in the wave folder. microSAMPLER users can simply start the Soft Editor and Transmit the Sample Data to update the microSAMPLER banks.

Users of all other samplers and software can access the sounds directly in native wave format. Thank you for your support.

Visit www.StudioAVX.com for more information about this package

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