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Adobe® Audition® for Mac®

Adobe® Audition® for Mac®
Sound your best on Mac and Windows www.adobe.com

Well known in the industry as the go-to audio tool, Adobe Audition now brings its audiofor-
video multitrack editing environment to the Mac. With best-in-class audio mixing and
editing tools, powerful sweetening options, and rock-solid performance, Audition is the
digital audio editor that audio and video professionals rely on to handle a wide range of
audio tasks quickly and efficiently. And now, for the first time, it’s available on the Mac.
A completely new high-performance audio playback engine leverages the latest multicore processors to
make Audition even more powerful than before, improving the performance of every task, from
removing noise from a single audio file to creating a large multitrack mix with multiple effects. OMF
import and export brings this audio editing power easily to other DAW environments, such as Avid Pro
Tools. Audition is the ideal choice for a wide range of audio for video production tasks, from formatting a
single audio file for the Web, creating music beds, and adding SFX to fixing problematic production audio and mixing a complex 5.1 surround soundtrack for distribution.

Adobe Screen shot

View your entire multitrack soundtrack at once with the resizable Multitrack View in Adobe Audition for Mac. Drag fade curves directly on individual clips, click to set volume
keyframes, apply different colors to individual clips—all within the same edit window. Apply and view multiple effects in the Effects Rack panel, including DeHummer, DeEsser, and
the new Speech Volume Leveler, shown here as it evens out production dialogue in the Effects Rack panel, above, left. Sweeten and mix multichannel 5.1 surround projects using
the native Track Panner (shown above at right) and effects designed for multichannel audio. Take advantage of non-destructive editing with the new History panel, shown in the
lower left.

Audition is popular among audio engineers thanks to its ability to completely transform audio with
powerful and versatile editing and processing tools. Problematic production audio quickly
becomes useful final dialogue with the application of audio restoration tools such as Adaptive
Noise Reduction, Auto Heal, the DeClicker, and the DeClipper, as well as the new DeEsser,
DeHummer, and Speech Volume Leveler. Remove distracting background noise using graphic
editing tools in the Spectral Display. Import files in a wide range of audio formats, and convert
multiple files quickly using powerful Batch Processing features.

Graphic editing tools in the Spectral Display

Audio effects are even more flexible in Audition for Mac with the new modeless Effects Rack,
which applies selected effects when you’re working in the Multitrack View or in the Waveform
Editor. While playing back audio and editing in either Editor, you can apply multiple effects and
change parameters in the Effects Rack when working with waveforms, clips, or tracks, even as you
listen to the results. In addition to many new and improved effects, Audition supports third-party
VST and Audio Units effects.
Surround projects are easier than ever to take on with Audition for Mac, with new native
multichannel support. The new Track Panner lets you place audio in surround mixes, as well as
controlling spread, angle, and radius. Effects have been updated and optimized for use in surround
projects, and the new Surround Reverb is particularly useful in multichannel mixes.

Key features in the Audition for Mac beta

  • New, high-performance audio playback engine – The audio playback engine in Audition is designed to accelerate your audio workflows. From startup and opening or saving files to multicore effects processing and the ability to work concurrently on multiple files and sessions, Audition brings a modern approach to audio production.
  • Native multichannel support (5.1 surround) – Edit multichannel files and mix your projects in 5.1 surround. Audition for the Mac includes a surround panner in the mixer view as well as a surround reverb effect; many of Audition’s other audio effects have also been enhanced to support multichannel files.
  • New effects, including dehummer, de-esser, surround reverb, and volume leveler – Native effects include a dehummer for removing powerline hum, a de-esser for removing vocal sibilance from interviews and voice overs, a volume leveler for quickly matching the volume of different speakers and a surround reverb for working with 5.1 surround projects.
  • Cross-platform toolset for waveform and spectral frequency editing – Edit audio clips using either the traditional waveform view or the visually-rich spectral editing view, which makes it easy to visually isolate parts of a recording.
  • Noise reduction, dialogue cleanup, and audio restoration – Use powerful audio restoration tools to turn problematic recordings into quality audio tracks. From the Adaptive Noise Reduction tool to the ability to use Audio Healing paintbrushes to fix audio visually, Audition for Mac offers the best tools in the business for salvaging problematic recordings or for turning ho-hum tracks into high-impact sound.

New to Audition?
You may not be familiar with many of the unique capabilities Audition for Mac offers. Long
considered an indispensable tool of audio engineers, Audition is well known for its ability to fix
nearly any problem with digital audio files, and to do it quickly. Professionals rely on Audition to
improve the quality of the audio they bring into it, and to provide finished audio that meets the
specific audio needs of their clients. Familiar tools for multitrack recording, editing, and mixing are
paired with workflow flexibility and performance optimized for the broadcast and video industries.
Here are a few of the main reasons Audition is the go-to tool for audio professionals:
• World-class audio restoration. From removing occasional clicks to fixing disastrous digital
distortion, and from trimming silence to removing hiss embedded in a waveform and even
making unusable dialogue usable again, Audition provides audio restoration tools that are
second to none.
• Complete multitrack recording, non-destructive editing, and mixing. The Multitrack Editor provides
an easy-to-configure user interface to create entire multitrack mixes, with click-and-drag
changing of levels, fades, and cross-fades; clip drag-and-duplicate, and individual track sizing to
suit the individual project and user.
• Professional audio effects. From signal processing such as compression and limiting to convolution
reverb, wacky guitar effects, and lo-fi effects, Audition has a complete selection of audio
manipulation tools for creative sound design.
• Thousands of royalty-free sound effects, loops, music beds, and environmental backgrounds.
Though Resource Central, Audition provides engineers drag-and-drop soundtrack creation tools.
(Not available in the Public Beta program, this feature will be available in Audition for Mac when
it goes on sale.)
• Efficient batch processing options. Quickly and easily convert numerous files from one format to
another, apply common effect settings to multiple files, and handle other batch operations.
These and many other features are why customers have long appreciated the Audition toolset, and
why we’re so pleased to deliver the No. 1 new feature customer request: Audition for Mac.
Who uses Adobe Audition?
Audio engineers and broadcast editors use Audition for Mac to record voice-overs and create
soundtracks, and enhance audio for broadcast. The Multitrack editor and Mixer provide engineers
with a familiar interface that they can use to solve audio problems quickly. Even recording and
mixing entire multitrack projects from scratch is a simple task with Audition for Mac, with on-clip
volume keyframes and fades, and the new modeless Effects Rack.
Video editors and other video professionals use Audition to create, edit, and enhance audio for
video and film productions. With the benefits of a familiar timeline-based interface and roundtrip
editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition makes it easy for video editors to fix problematic
production dialogue, do sound design, and polish soundtracks. Clearly labeled restoration effects
facilitate such typical edits as removing various types of noise and matching unequal dialogue
volume levels.
About Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe is the world’s leading provider of software solutions to create, manage, and deliver highimpact,
reliable digital content. For more information, visit www.adobe.com.

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