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Labor Day 2010 All Work and No Play (free sounds)

Labor Day 2010 All Work and No Play…

Grind, grind, grind. I get it. Of course you’ve been at it. You didn’t slow down a bit this summer. You can’t afford to- or at least, that’s what you told yourself. Well I suggest a break in the action to evaluate your progress, production and plan. In Basketball and Football there’s a halftime to analyze, adjust and even devise a new strategy. In Boxing, it’s the break in-between rounds where the pugilist receives new instructions. And just like a boxer, while you’ve been fighting, all kinds of people have been yelling at you and telling you what to do- including the guy at home sitting on his couch drinking beer and eating chips and dip. Even he knows better than you what you should be doing.

Why not take a break and decide for yourself what voices you should be listening to? There may be a very logical and sensible strategy at work, but it’s up to you and only you to execute it. While you think, let’s do one more thing. Lets’ appreciate the work of others. How about for an entire day, we decide to hold off on making beats and listen to music instead? Who knows that might just remind us why we are working so hard in our studios.

-Drew Spence

Editor in Chief, Producer’s Edge Digital Magazine

We intend to help your return to the grind a splendid moment with the help of Big Fish Audio. They certainly do not take breaks over there. Right now, we’re exploring a package called Detroit Soul. It’s live music inspired by the Motor City sound. If you’re tired of digging the same sounds everyone is using then this is a unique flavor to add to your production. 28 huge construction kits.

Check out Detroit Soul

And on the flip side, if you’ve been working so hard at the game of life, that you haven’t been able to get to music, then Urban Nation is the well-rounded package of hip hop, R&B and pop material. You can’t lose going with this offering either. Think a bit and then get back to it, clearer, fresher and bigger. Thank you Big Fish Audio.

Check out Urban Nation

As with all of our blasts and free tool sets, the reading public gets a dose and XC Subscribers get much more.  If you’re a subscriber, check your mailbox for the eXtra Content goodies. It will also have Bonus content (a sampling of the Timbaland Producer kit) from our own StudioAVX.com.

The free sounds are here


You can subscribe here.


And read the magazine here….


Stay safe and productive.

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