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Producer’s Edge (FREE SOUNDS) Summer Boom Box Blast

Producer’s Edge (FREE SOUNDS) Summer Boom Box Blast


Producer's Edge BBQ Girl

Beats BBQ and Backend Music

We hope you’re enjoying summer break and taking the time to throw fat slabs of beats and breaks on the grill. Turn ‘em over and baste in some arped out melodies, followed by a cold and icy change up.

We expect things to cool off this evening, but we still have some hot news for the block party.

Red Hot Right Now

Big Fish Audio C.R.U.N.K. C.R.U.N.K. Southern Storm is a new jam-packed release which includes 24 Construction Kits providing 3.4 GB of full-range Crunk & Dirty-South action. 3.4 GB $99.95


Big Fish Audio Urban Inspiration: Urban inspiration is a inspiring collection of the finest hiphop melodies with not a beat in sight.
Urban Inspiration contains only the hottest vibes to add that West or East Coast flavor to your mix. This collection is perfect for those times when you’ve laid down the phattest beats but dont know what to lace on top. Packed with head knockin basses, dre’like stabs, crunked up synths and so much more, Urban Inspiration adds that missing flavor to your joint!


KORG microSAMPLER: Sampling returns with microSAMPLER. Capture, create, chop and control your samples with this compact solution for playback production.


KORG monotron: An analogue synth that fits in the palm of your hand? Ultra-affordable and cute-as-hell! Check this baby out!


Roland Gaia SH 01 Synthesizer: A nice VA synth made for tweaking and twisting.


Native Instruments Maschine: Still the king of combining drum machine and DAW connectivity. Mr invisible gets wreck in a live demonstration of Maschines hands-on responsiveness.



This email blast is sponsored by Big Fish Audio and Studio AVX.

Vintage R

This is a classical masterpiece of the Roland electrical instruments that changed the world! It’s a 21st Century loop library full of the sounds from TB-303, TR-808, and TR-909. TB-303, known for its use of tricky effects and extreme style, has a basic sound that is easy to process.

To find out more about this product head over to Big Fish!


Boom Boxx

Heavy drum hits by Griffin Avid stored in Spectralis 2 format
and standard WAVE format (44100, 16 bit) for all other kit hosts.
91 Elements total mostly kicks and snares. If you can’t bang them with this; then you need to find something else to do. Really.


Head over and look at all the fine products, including our version of The ubiquitous Producer Kits.



Subscribers to our newsletter; snag this link and enjoy samples of the Big Fish Audio Vintage R and the Studio AVX Boom Boxx package.


XC Subscribers can snag that link too, but check your email for the FULL BOOM BOXX package Download Link.

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