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Fresh Fest 2010 by Hassan Robinson

The Freshest Fest!

Upon going to the Freshfest, I began to think back to how hip hop concerts used to be.  I remember Def Jam ’88 at the Nassau Colliseum.
There were three things I really remember about that concert. One being the crazy, would be legendary, star powered lineup (Public Enemy, Run-DMC, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, to name a few). The other being the crew of dudes with box cutters, dressed in black and snatching chains (they actually got my cousin, Kenya I love you girl!). The third being how shook I was of that crew!! Anyhow, as we approached the venue at The Harbor Yard Arena in Bridgeport Connecticut, I felt that same sense of excitement as I did as a teen.  I was also happy to reunite with some of my boys from high school, who was with me at DJ
’88 and some of my current boys from CT.  Of course chillin with my big brother Pedro (aka Big P) would definitely make this night classic.  When we got there I was hoping P came through with backstage passes (being that he used to be involved with half of these dudes and because of Producers Edge).  Big P did what he always does and came through with press passes.  As we split up the press passes between the 8 of us, I had one goal in mind, meet Big Daddy Kane (pause).  Now understand, as a true hip hop head, growing up in Strong Island, during the golden age of hip hop, I WAS BIG DADDY KANE!  From the flat top with the four slashes in the swing part, to the silk shirt, four finger ring, slacks, and Bally’s!  I could spit every song that he ever did.  I must’ve argued (still do) with everyone on how he is the illest lyricist of all time. So as soon as we step backstage the first person we see is Kane! Now I have met plenty of stars and famous people, but meeting your idol growing up, was just crazy. Of course I played it cool and said whatup and asked for a flick and all. But I had to let him know how much of an impact he had on me as a teen.  I told him that I wanted to be him growing up.  I felt like a herb and all, but I said F it! He responded with “that’s wassup man!”  He could clearly hear and see the sincerity of the compliment. I had another notch on my bucket list!  Anyway, after taking more flicks backstage and meeting (Grandmaster Caz, Kid n Play, EPMD, Doug E Fresh, Slick Rick, Sweet Tee, Red Alert, Whodini, MC Lyte, Nice and Smooth, and Biz
Markie) everyone, it was time for the concert.  Nice and Smooth put on a good show and even did a Guru tribute, they were followed by Kid n Play (yes they did the kick step), Biz (I wish he did “Rhymin wit Biz”
with Kane), MC Lyte (who looked good and youthful), EPMD (were rushed because of the lack of time, but it was good to see E and P together again), Whodini (who probably had one of the best performances; dancers did all the old school dances), Doug E Fresh came on with Slick (they actually ended the show; Doug E was on point with the beat box and Slick Rick’s jewels were crazy!),and lastly Kane (I might be biased, but he had the best performance with Skoob and Scrap; especially with the “Warm it Up” dance). One thing that impressed me about the show was that almost everyone still had their DJ from back in the day (shows that some people still are loyal). Grandmaster D, DJ Scratch, Teddy Ted, Cool V, DJ Wiz, and K-Rock. Overall, I had a ball.
I wanna send a colossal shout out to my big bro, who definitely held it down! Love you bro! And shout out to my boys (Jeff, Keith, Kareem, Tylon, Outlaw, and Deshawn) for bringin it back to days of 40 oz’s, gold ropes, dancing, and most of all REAL HIP HOP (the DJ and the MC, when lyrics meant something! LOL!) BRING BACK THE LATE 80’s!!!!!!!!

ONE, Hassan Robinson
p.s. My statrting 5 of Kane, Rakim, G Rap, LL, and KRS would destroy any rapper today! LMAO!

You can images at the Producer’s Edge flickr page


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