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Issue 07 1st Quarter 2010

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Welcome to special issue 07: Near Gear 2010. We’re powered by Winter NAMM and bringing you an early look at the tightest products coming out. Start saving your pennies now while you clear up hard drive and shelf space. Some of the highlights include:

Lemur Jazz Mutant V2

Akai iPK25

DSI Mopho Keyboard

KORG Kaossilator Pro

Radikal Technologies Spectralis 2

…and a whole bunch more!

This issue is sponsored by Big Fish Audio and our XC Subscribers are getting a healthy dose of Beat Diggin, Vintage Breaks Vol 1 and Plush.

Big Fish Audio



Beat Diggin (available as a direct download $79.95)


Vintage Breaks (available as a direct download $59.95)


Need to join the XC Subscribers on the Edge?


 Read the new issue here: http://www.producersedgemagazine.com/

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And watch our videos here: http://www.YouTUbe.com/GriffinAvid

 Thank you for your support and stay Productive   

 – Drew Spence, Editor in Chief Producer’s Edge Digital Magazine

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