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Cracked Software and Cracked Logic: The Top Ten Excuses

Cracked Software and Cracked Logic

 The Top Ten Excuses (Hopefully for the last time)

Words by Griffin Avid 

Interestingly enough, I keep getting hit up on YouTube with cats asking for keygens, serialz or links to get stuff for free.  I’m used to the Spam comments about cracked software and it’s a simple matter to police the YouTube comments. With our videos getting over 5 million views, both Xodus and I stay amazed at the clowning that goes on. I used to frequent the many production forums and go back and forth with kids about the morality behind intellectual property and the victimless crime of digital duplication. Yawn. It’s a tired subject that never gets tired just like Analog verse digital, Mac verse PC, Star Wars verse Star Trek and missionary verse…sorry- got carried away for a second. So here it is: a small list of the Favorite Cracked Software Excuses or How I can Justify Something That’s Wrong with Faulty Logic.

1) I’m broke.

No one owes you the ability to make music. Go get a job you bum. 

2) Software is too expensive.

An item being priced too high does not justify its theft. No matter what you hope to do, there is FREE software that gets the job done.

 You also don’t need the Deluxe-All Inclusive-Pro-MaxedFeature-Flagship-MonsterBundle-ExtraLarge-SuperDuper-GrandImperial version of any product to make music. Stop it, you don’t.

 3) I’m a student.

Use your student discount to get a…discount. 

4) I’m not serious.

Use the non-serious, entry level version. It’s affordable.

 5) I haven’t made any money yet, but when I do…

No one owes you a profit from your hobby. Even if you do make a bank of money, your mind is already set with the idea that the software part of your toolbox isn’t worth investing in. Having mo’money won’t change your mind. You’ll buy a chain instead.

 6) It’s not theft; it’s only a digital copy.

You’re not stealing a duplicate file of 1s and 0s. You’re stealing a license (legal right) to use a product. The problem isn’t so much having the program; it’s actually you USING it illegally that’s the point. Plus all the other legal and copyright, terms of use etc.

 7) The company isn’t being hurt or I wouldn’t have bought it anyway.

Your estimation of a products worth in your toolset does not justly its theft. If it’s crappy, don’t use it. There are tons of consumers who would pull the trigger, but would still choose an illegal download over a purchase if it was available.

 8) I need to try before I buy.

They have demos for that. Most software provides sound clips, tutorial videos, downloadable manuals, forums, pro and user reviews. If you still don’t know after all that research, you need more help than the latest XYZ software. Really you do.

 9) I will buy my stuff…eventually.

See number 5.

 10) Cracked Software is how I discover new stuff.

Crackheadz are followers, not leaders. Plug into any worthy forum, production resource (PE Mag) or news feed (KVR.com) and you’ll have up to the minute info on the latest apps available for your production. Popularity in the consumer world trickles down to the Serialz bin. Stop frontin.

 To be honest, I can respect the amnesty approach. You snagged XYZ DAW from some site and used it for a time and did some music. Now, you see the latest version drop and you pick up a legit copy. That’s the Buy What You Use Angle. I get it. That’s why artists are getting burnt-out making mixtapes hoping to drum up support for when the real album drops. Lots of artists don’t make it that far. Lots of companies didn’t make it that far. They pay now when you promise to pay later.

 Crackheadz tend to clog resources. They don’t RTFM or have any clue about the software they use- and thus offer the most inaccurate reviews and deliver the least informed opinions. Not to mention the selfish and self-centered attitude that goes along with the Anything for Me philosophy. So the next time you find yourself on page 6 of a flaming thread –

 Remember: Wisdom is whispered, ignorance is shouted. Don’t take it personal. Besides Copy + Paste is your friend.

 Griffin 022210

  1. Vinnie Badverbs
    October 21, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    Jewels and Pearls! Jewels and Pearls Brotha!
    This is the same reason I don’t do Bootleg DVD’s or CD’s… anymore! LOL!
    Artists can’t eat and I consider software developers Artists. We gotta stop killin our Golden Geese!

  2. October 18, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    it boggles my mind the attitude many have towards this. I get hit up numerous times a week with folks saying “send me that” or “where can I find a crack for….”

    My simple reply when they ask where they can “get” it is….

    “I told you in the video, you can get it from the company’s website” lol

    I’ve had looooooooooong discussions on this, it seems many just don’t understand intellectual property, mixed with growing up in the napster era, many never had to save up those part time/full time paychecks to pay for anything, and just feel for whatever reason, stuff is “owed” to them for free lol.

    Anyway, good post again man, I always enjoy your comments in forums, they are usually few and far between so it’s always good to see you drop a nugget or two.


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